A Big Hand To


- Ladies and Gentlemen! Please give a big applause for doctor Johnson.

- Instead of this, can I say "..............please give a big hand to doctor Johnson"? :)

Thanks a lot!

  • Loob

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    Actually, NamLan, you wouldn't say "Please give a big applause for doctor Johnson."


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    I have heard people say "please give a big hand to..." on several occasions, and think that this would be perfectly acceptable.
    Instead of saying "give a big applause," try "give a round of applause."


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    Another common way of using the phrase is, "A big hand, Ladies and Gentlemen: Mr Somebodyorother Whatsisface"
    I'm not sure if that's the correct piece of punctuation, as it's almost exclusively spoken not written. There is a pause after Gentlemen, before the announcement of the name.
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