a big job was going down, and he was in on it

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  1. mansa Member

    Argentina Español
    como traducirian esto a un castellano neutro?
    Anyway, a big job was going down, and he was in on it.
    Y sin usar la voz pasiva!
  2. allende Senior Member

    Spanish (Spain)/Catalan
    "de todas formas él sabía que el.... se derrumbaba/ iba a derrumbarse"

    aquí big job no se a qué se refiere...
  3. Basenjigirl Senior Member

    English, USA
    De todas formas, él sabía que un montaje grande (un engaño, un robo grande) estaba a punto de occurir y él estaba en ello.
  4. allende Senior Member

    Spanish (Spain)/Catalan
    estaba en ello no creo que se diga... significa "estaba enterado" o "sabía lo que ocurría"
  5. Basenjigirl Senior Member

    English, USA
    In the English phrase, my understanding is that not only does the guy know about the existence of the scheme that is about to happen but that he is also participating in it. So, how would you express that idea in Spanish?

    spanish...from iSPAIN
    Ser juez y parte
    Jugar a dos bandas(most usual)
    as if you're playing billard, and the white ball is the law, and the black ball is the secret organization, but only you have the stick in your hands to take the command, and the game's your own and someone else's future, in the worst case, the white and black ball falls down on the hole, but you was calling the shots from the begining, and your butt allways be covered, whatever comes and may, something aliked to "Master of Puppets" as Metallica sung, but behind the scenes, little set-ups
  7. frida-nc

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    English USA
    To be in on something: Normalmente: to be involved as an active participant. Menos frecuentemente: just to know about it. (La primera vale aquí)

    Una idea no muy "jergal":
    Algo importante se montaba, y él se había hecho parte de ello.

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