a big money

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    Probably not, but in what context? Context is required: not only because it's a forum rule, but more importantly because we can't answer questions like this without it.


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    The title of your thread is not relevant to the content of your thread. Do make sure you choose a suitable title for your thread from next time up.
    Now coming back to your question:
    I don't think you can use "big money" as a replacement of "a lot of money". Actually I have never heard or seen this, not only that I don't think it's right.


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    OH! i see. i want to express that "i earn a lot of money", so "a big money" means "a lot of money"?? =.=
    No you can't. "Money" is an uncountable noun, therefore you cannot have "a money."

    You can say, "I earn big money." = "i earn a lot of money"


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    'Big money' is perfectly possible without 'a'. However, the sentence does not sound quite good to me*... Yeah, big money, big bucks, etc. :)

    * Well, it does sound boooooombastic, doesn't it. :) Although we all wish we could say 'I earn big money'. :)
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