a big storm VS a heavy storm

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Hi, everyone!
I wonder if there is any difference between 'a big storm' and 'a heavy storm'. Is 'a heavy storm' greater than 'a big storm?
  • velisarius

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    I googled "big storm "in context", and these are the results:
    "big storm" - Google Search

    I read it as "a major storm" - i.e. one of great (geographical) extent, or causing a lot of damage, or of great intensity - all these are possible.


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    Now that AE speakers are awake ...

    I don't like "heavy" applied to a storm. Like Rover_KE above, I'd also say "a severe/violent/powerful storm," or perhaps "a strong storm" as a step down from those. I would apply the adjective "heavy" to something that might come down in a storm: a heavy rain, a heavy snowfall, perhaps even heavy sleet or hail. A storm, to me, can't be heavy.
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