A big success

Hello everyone,

Does "a big success" meaning "someone or something that is very successful at a certain time" sound natural/correct in the examples I made below?

a. John is a great singer. And he's a big success now. I'm proud of my brother.
b. This song is a big success at the moment here.

Thank you in advance!
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    It sounds natural in your first example, but not so much in the second. In your second sentence, it is better to say "the song is very successful at the moment".


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    I hope that perhaps you will receive some other responses to your post about this, at least so that perhaps someone can find the words that I currently am unable to to explain why this is so. "The song/film was a big success" sounds perfectly natural (though "hit" might be preferred to "success"), yet in the present tense, while grammatical, it sounds wrong to me. Perhaps it's simply due to not being common.

    Maybe it's due to the ongoing nature of it in reference to a song/film. With the person, the success has happened, a point has been reached. With the song, particularly in your example, it is still in progress...

    Hmmm. If you have trouble understanding what I have written, my apologies - I'm not entirely sure that I understand myself either :p:D:rolleyes: