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french belgium

My friend sent me a present.

Can I say a big thanks to you? or is it better to say many thanks?

Thank you

  • bibliolept

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    AE, Español
    Somehow, I picture people using "a big thank" when speaking publicly and especially when toasting somebody or recognizing their contributions.

    I would use the old tried and true "Thank you very much" (or "I really appreciate it" or "I appreciate this very much.").

    Matching Mole

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    England, English
    Well, I wouldn't say "A big thanks to you!" myself, it sounds rather unconventional to my ears. "A big thanks" is more often used in speeches and announcements: "I'd like to give a big thanks to X for all his hard work [etc.]" This is when talking to a group of people about someone, rather than to the person directly, although that person may well be present.

    If talking directly to the person alone, I would say "many thanks", or "thanks very much", etc.


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    A common (AE) and very informal "big thanks" to a single person and a friend would be "Thanks a bunch, I really... (insert anything) appreciate it, liked, enjoyed, needed, whatever it was.

    This phrase can be said sarcastically also and have the opposite meaning.
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