A big wave jars a lot of things loose

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I found this sentence in an mail I daily receive from the website InvestorGuide Daily. This article was about the fact that after a beginning of year in which it seemed to happen something new, the signals of the crisis came back.

The piece is this:
Though no one one is saying the financial situation is as dire as late September, Happy New Year has quickly turned into deja vu in the past few days."You don't have one big wave and everything goes back to normal," says independent bank analyst Bert Ely. "A big wave jars a lot of things loose." If the collapse of Lehman Brothers and other events of last fall constitute a tsunami, the current wave may be scary but not nearly as dangerous, say experts
Have you ever heard such an expression ?
Thanks a lot
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    If you are asking if it is a set phrase or a common saying, then no, it isn't. As dermott said, it is a metaphor created for the occasion by the writer. Perhaps what has confused you is the word "jars", which here is the third peson singular of the verb "to jar", and not a plural noun.
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