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Bernard Lewis-Crisis of Islam

It is difficult to generalize about Islam. To begin with,the word itself is commonly used with two related but distinct meanings, as the equivalents both of Christianity and of Christendom. In the one sense it denotes a religion, a system of belief and worship; in the other, the civilization that grew up and flourishedunder the aegis of that religion. The word Islam thus denotes more than fourteen centuries of history, a billion and a third people, and a religious and cultural tradition of enormous diversity.

Can you explain this expression? Thanks in advance.
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    I thought is seemed odd, I certainly would not use it myself.

    I sort of wonder what 1/3rd of a person looks like. The third people dangles on the the end there with no link to the billion bit ... I'd prefer 1.3 billion or one and a third billion to keep the number together logically.
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