a bird working

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What does this "working" mean? (from The Old Man and the Sea)
But I will see something that he cannot see such as a bird working and get him to come out after dolphin.
  • Glenfarclas

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    In this case, it means fishing. This should be evident from how the same word is used in the preceding dialogue.

    If you are going to read The Old Man and the Sea, you should know that much of the dialogue is Hemingway's deliberately "poor" or overly-literal translation of Spanish, intended to convey the impression that the characters are Spanish-speakers and are not just speaking in the English in which the book is written.

    suzi br

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    I've never read Hemingway, and every thread I've seen started on WRF on something of his suggests that I haven't lost out.:) It surprises me, considering what I've heard of him.
    I don’t really know what you mean by that. I found his technique with dialogue to represent different nationalities absolutely brilliant in “For whom the bell tolls”. It’s decades since I read it, but I still remember how convincing it was in portraying the differences between the characters.

    I don’t think the problems that people present in here give you much idea of an author’s achievements!
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