a bit difficult situation


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This is a sentence I made up myself.

"This is a bit difficult situation."

This sentence sounds a bit odd with "a bit difficult" describing "situation".

If I wanted to keep "this is ...difficult situation", what would be the word(s) to fit in as to keep the sense of "a bit"?
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    Does "this is a bit difficult situation" odd to you?
    Yes, it sounds odd to me.
    You could say "This situation is a bit difficult."
    Your question exposes the fact that "a bit [adjective]" can be used as a "predicative" adjective (with "is"), but not as an "attributive" adjective (before the noun).


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    Alternatively, you could say:
    This is a rather difficult situation.
    This is a somewhat difficult situation.
    This is a fairly difficult situation.
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