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I am watching "The Great British Bake off" and there is a line that I don't understand.
In a scene, one of the judge is explaining about Kouign-amann and the judge says,

" What you're looking for is the texture of a puff pastry but a bit more open, a bit more structured and that comes from the yeast "

What does this "bit more open, a bit more structured " mean?
Would someone explain please?

Thank you!
  • owlman5

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    These seem to be comments about the texture or consistency of the dough in the pastry, fadeout. Beyond that, I don't really know why the speaker chose those specific words in that remark.

    You little ripper!

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    I think 'open' means it has lots of holes in it (because of the yeast). A more structured pastry is probably one that keeps its shape better (than puff pastry).


    Of a substance: having a texture that is loose or open; porous.
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