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  1. kiwi-di

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    How to you say "a bit more than" or "a few more than"?

    For example, in a sentence such as "a bit more than $10", or "a few more than 50%".

    Is it "un peu plus que" ...?

    I'm not actually sure that it's very good English, but it is something I say - and hear said. :)

  2. Conchita57

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    You're almost there: it's 'un peu plus de...'.
  3. pieanne

    pieanne Senior Member

    Nice Hinterland
    I'd say
    "a bit more than" = "un peu plus que"
    "a few more than" = "à peine plus que"
    But others may disagree...
  4. Punky Zoé

    Punky Zoé Senior Member

    France - français
    In your examples I'd say "un peu plus de" but in some cases "un peu plus que" could work.

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