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a. I would like a bit more of ice cream.

b. I would like a bit more ice cream.

c. I would like a little bit more of ice cream.

d. I would like a little bit more ice cream.

Which of the above sentences are grammatically correct?
Which are natural?

Many thanks
  • Barque

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    Sentence c suggests you're specifically asking for more ice cream as opposed to more of anything else. The others don't sound very natural to me. You're more likely to hear I'd like some more ice cream.


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    Is it possible to use "a bit more" as an adverb too? For example,

    If you wait a bit more, I can pick you up.



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    Yes, b and d also sound fine to me.

    "A bit longer" works for me with time and waiting but "a bit more" doesn't sound quite right.


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    More is a determiner when modifying a noun – as in “more ice cream” or “a little more ice cream”.
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