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Hi guys,

I came across this sentence while I was reading an article and it got me very confused as to the definition of the word "niche"

"The bitter, terrible reality of the media world was clear to me even then. My pudgy face didn't fit. I didn't have enough glamour for Anna. In retrospect, perhaps my suggestion that The Blues Brothers should be shown every day at midnight was a bit niche. But that didn't matter."

I don't think I understand understand the definition of "niche" here. Is it a noun or an adjective? What does it mean in this sentence? Can i don't seem to be able to understand it... Does it mean it was not the correct time slot on Tv? It was not the right tip?

Please, help!

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    Hi JustKate. Unfortunately new members are not allowed to post links, but I got this sentence from an article in The guardian.

    It was written by Rae Earl and the title is:
    Obesity epidemic: as a lifelong comfort eater, I understand the emotional pull of food If you google the title, you'll quickly find the article.

    I looked the expression up on google and I saw people saying "a bit niche", "too niche", but I have no clue what this "expression" means. I thought it was a slang, but I haven't found anything on the topic so far... Thank you so much for trying to help!


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    I've never seen a bit niche before, but I think it's a reference to niche marketing, which refers to marketing a product (movie, business, housing development, etc.) to a very specific group. This group could be defined by demographics (people of a specific age, gender, socio-economic group, etc.) - or perhaps just people who really like The Blues Brothers.


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    that's what I thought at first, but then the expression "a bit" just got me all puzzled.
    Thank you so much. Have a nice weekend!
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