a bit of a blow


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Bonjour ! Qui peut m'aider à traduire en français cette expression : "it's a bit of a blow" ?

Est-ce que cela peut être "Quelle tuile !" ?

Merci d'avance !
  • Suehil

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    Welcome to the forum, mappy41 :)

    It is important (and compulsory ;)) to give context when you are looking for a translation. 'A bit of a blow' could mean various things, depending on the rest of the sentence and the subject that is being discussed.


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    Hi !

    it's in a conversation within 2 boys... one explains to his friend that he didn't succeed to have the job he expected, and he is disappointed.

    the exact sentence is : "it's a bit of a blow. The man I saw said that I had good chances."

    can that help to translate "it's a bit of a blow" ?

    anyway, thanks for your help !

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