a bit of a chat

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Hi there!

From The Girl On The Train,

" He nudges my foot with his. “It’s all right, you didn’t do anything bad.” I look up and he’s
smiling. “I was pissed, too. We had a bit of a chat on the train, I can’t remember what about."

Can I say instead of the red sentence as follows:

1- a bit of chatting
2- a little of chatting
3- a little chatting
4- some chatting
5- a little of chatting
6- a little chat
7- some of chatting

Does all mean the same?

  • Glenfarclas

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    No, the versions with "chatting" are all incorrect. You could (in theory) say "we did a bit of chatting," but not "we had a bit of chatting."
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