A Bit Of A Diva

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- This comes from a magazine:

"Nobody cared she wasn't there. The movie belongs to Penelope and Rebecca anyway with a great help from Javier. Recently-engaged actress Scarlett Johansson is unfortunately turning into a bit of a diva.

- What does "turning into a bit of a diva" mean here?

Thanks a lot!

  • sdgraham

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    USA English
    I'm sure you've looked up diva in the online dictionary.

    Despite its formal meaning, it's also become a metaphor some someone who's egotistical, arrogant and demanding (the stereotype of famous female opera singers).

    See also:Diva


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    Australia English
    Diva derives, via Italian from the Latin for "goddess".
    It means a highly distinguished female singer.

    It can also mean a temperamental woman, who takes herself too seriously and is easily upset or irritated.
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