a bit of a do

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could anyone help me with this "to have a bit of a do"?It might mean a party (based on some british comedy series). In case it means "a party" I´d like to know how to use this expression in phrase.

Thanks a lot
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  • velisarius

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    How were you thinking of using this expression I_ucie?

    If you want to use it as heypresto has done, you need to bear in mind that it's very colloquial. Some British speakers might use it, some might not. It is the sort of expression that could sound comic if used by a non-native speaker or by a native speaker who normally uses standard English.

    It's useful to know that the phrase means "a party" or "festive social gathering" as it says in the WR dictionary. It isn't a phrase that you can simply use as a synonym for "party", so I wouldn't advise you to use it yourself.


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    Additionally, I think this is largely BrE usage. 'A bit of a do' also shows a kind of British understatement. That is why I agree with velisarius that it might be very tricky for a foreign speaker to use well.
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