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  1. tickles New Member

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    I was wondering how one would say "a bit of a linguist" as in:

    I speak German and am all in all a bit of a linguist (meaning that overall, I am interested in languages)

    Could you say:

    Je parle l'allemand et l'un dans l'autre je suis une linguiste

    Thank you in advance
  2. Cedra Member

    French - Belgium
    I would propose :
    "Je suis en quelque sorte un peu linguiste."
  3. xtrasystole

    xtrasystole Senior Member

    Both sound correct to me.
    However, I would suggest the more direct and simpler '... et je suis un peu linguiste'.

    Les expressions avec 'a bit of a' + noun se traduisent bien par 'un peu' + adj.
    Eg: 'I am in a bit of a hurry' --> 'Je suis un peu pressé(e)'.
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  4. thbruxelles Senior Member

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    'linguiste' is kind of specific though, as in 'I study linguistics'.
    You could simply use: 'j'aime les langues étrangères', 'les langues étrangères m'intéressent, m'attirent'
  5. tickles New Member

    English - England
    Thank you so much!

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