a bit of a tragic figure

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Hello everyone,

From the book 99: Stories of the Game by Wayne Gretzky:

"Cowboy was a bit of a tragic figure. His dad was Meyer Flett, quite a hockey player himself for the Turner Valley Oilers in the early 1940s. Meyer was a hard man, an oilfield worker. He played senior hockey with Calgary Flames trainer Bearcat Murray, who tells this story:"

The story mentioned is quoted in this thread:
especially not his son

Does "a bit of a tragic figure" mean that he had a bit of a tragic fate/destiny?
And if yes, do I understand correctly that Gretzky considers Cowboy's destiny to be tragic just because Cowboy's father was a rough hockey player?

Thank you.
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    "A bit of a tragic figure" is the same as saying "something of a tragic figure" or "in some ways a tragic figure." "A bit of" suggests that he isn't wholly a tragic figure but that there were some tragic or somber aspects of his life.
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