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could you help me understand this sentence in this context?

A: Eric has gone to Spain to buy a bar and open a club called Los Foxos.
B: That's nice.
A: Bingo.
B: A bit of bingo. I can see Eric leading the conga, up at the front.

Does it mean Eric is going to organise bingo games for his clients? I doubt it...

Thank you for your help!
  • Uncle Bob

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    Only a guess but I think it refers to the type of people who, stereotypically, play bingo: middle-aged (+) working class women (who, on holiday, stereotypically like conga dancing).


    This is dead right. But it is quite consistent with the idea that Eric is going to "lay on" bingo for the customers of his club, as well as encouraging them to do the conga and leading the dance (anything to make them thirsty).

    Note he is opening a club as well as a bar: in an UK-English context you would expect to find gambling games, like bingo, in a club rather than a bar.
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