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I'm trying to say "First and foremost, i will tell you a bit (of information) about myself."

My attempt is "Zuallererst, werde ich dir ein paar (Information) über mich erzählen."

I know in that in English, just saying "a bit" would sound okay, but would that be acceptable in German?

All help is appreciated, thanks in advance!
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    You can simply say Zuallererst werde ich dir ein bisschen über mich erzählen - it isn't necessary to add anything like 'information' here, at least not in informal speech.
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    Zuallererst möchte ich dir...
    Als erstes möchte ich dir...
    Lass mich damit beginnen, dir ein wenig über mich zu erzählen.

    Both in English as well as in German I feel "first and foremost" and "zuallererst" a little bit to strong to introduce some initial information.
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