a bit of lip off anyone

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Hi all,

Here is a context:

There was nothing spectacular about Lewis, and it was a little unsettling to see my sister, whom I'd always admired for being pucky and tough and not taking a bit of lip off anyone, shrining into his arms whenever the world rose up to meet her face to face.

Please make it clear for me.

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  • Uncle Bob

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    British English
    Lewis will not accept "a bit of lip" from anyone.
    "a bit of lip" is cheekiness.
    He will not allow anyone to be cheeky to him.


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    AE, Español
    The phrasing "take any lip" is probably a little more common in AE.

    It's dialogue, of course, so there is latitude: whether to use "lip off anyone" or "lip from anyone" is a matter of choice.
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