a bit of spin, a torqueing-up of adrenaline

Mohammad Ali1

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And here’s the thing all these things have in common, and it’s the identifier that these
things are my tells: They all require a bit of spin, a torqueing-up of adrenaline, and a
(sometimes obsessive) swirling of physical or emotional energy
. And my work—
writing, painting, or composing—requires just the opposite. It requires stillness. It
requires sitting down and getting quiet.
source:How to be an artist.....
Does " a bit of spin, a torqueing of adrenaline" mean increase of adrenaline in the body?How we can say the bold sentence in an easy way?
  • Chez

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    It would be good to know what 'these things' are, as that would help us to understand exactly what spin and torqueing have to do with them.

    Whatever they are, they apparently require some (metaphorical?) spinning motion: spin, torque and swirling are all words of a spinning or twisting motion, apparently to increase adrenaline and result in physical or emotional energy.

    This is opposed to what the author requires, which is 'stillness'.


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    Yes, more or less. The author is saying that you have to push yourself into physical or mental activity to do these things, which he finds distracting because he needs stillness to work.