a bit off

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Hi. Can you look at these sentences below and tell me if they sound okay?

1. Also, the way you used the phrase "XXXXXXXX" is a bit off.

2. Also the phrase"XXXXXXXXX" is a bit off in this context.

I'm not sure if I used the phrase "a bit off" right. When I looked it up on dictionary, there's this example sentence that goes"this trnaslation is a bit off" so I thought I could use it this way as well. I look forward to hearing your opinions/suugestions! Thank you.
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    You also have to be careful because off is so ambiguous. Besides the numerous meanings listed in the WordReference dictionary, I think some people use "a bit off" to mean something like "rude" or "unfriendly".


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    Welcome to the forum, Yuks. :)
    I agree with Copyright. In AE, it wouldn't mean rude or unfriendly. To me, it would mean "not quite accurate", and I assume that's what you intended.
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