a bit off

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" Doesn't this place seem a bit/little off to you?"
What is the meaning of"off" here?
And this be used in different sentences with this meaning?
Thank you:)
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    Off (adjective) has a few meanings, the context is important. If you supply context (and a source) I'm sure WRF will be able to help.:thumbsup:
    Does it mean something is not right or something is unusal?
    Like here , the place seems paranormal and it is like something is wrong with the place.
    Is the use of "off" correct?
    So is the sentence correct :
    Don't you think there is something off about this place?
    Doesn't this place seem a little/bit off to you?


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    My understanding of the origin of the phrase may help.

    Some people have “perfect pitch” that is they can sing the notes in a song precisely as written and not a have note up or a quarter note down. (“Flat” or “sharp”) Sharp (music) - Wikipedia

    In music, sharp, dièse (from French), or diesis (from Greek)[a] means higher in pitch. More specifically, in musical notation, sharp means "higher in pitch by one semitone (half step)". Sharp is the opposite of flat, which is a lowering of pitch.

    If you don’t have perfect pitch you might sing slightly above or below the note.

    If you sing exactly at the right note you are said to be “on key” if you are singing above or below you are “off key”.

    You will hear (more often) that “something is off” and sometimes “something is off key”.

    So to answer your question “something not right” is a fair understanding of the phrase.
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