a bit spoilt / a little spoilt


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Hello everybody,

I have this question -->Would you say 'I'm a little spoilt' or 'I'm a bit spoilt?'

Thanks a lot.
  • pabolinan

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    Hi Arai...

    They're both good!

    Although I don't think that "I'm a little spoilt" is grammatically correct, but we use it where I come from....so maybe it's colloquial.

    You can also say "I'm a little bit spoilt"

    Hope that helps! ;)


    American English
    Please be aware that in the U.S., we use spoiled instead of spoilt; in addition, it's more common to hear little in the U.S. than bit, in this context. So if you were speaking to an American audience, it would sound more natural to say a little spoiled, or even a little bit spoiled (for emphasis).
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