a bit stashed away

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Can anybody explain the meaning of "I have got a bit stashed away" in the context as follows:
Well, Mr Newman, you must be at the least a millionaire from the proceeds. Deserve to be. This is my third reading of your masterpiece.'
'I have got a bit stashed away,' Newman said, smiling as they shook hands.
  • unefemme1

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    English, New Zealand
    The 'bit' refers to the money that belongs to Mr Newman, so the whole sentence I have got a bit stashed away means Mr Newman has set aside/put aside, some money. Hope my explanation helps :)

    Ms Missy

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    USA English
    Overall, this means that he has some money saved. "Stashed away" is sort of a slang term for hidden, invested, or "set aside" in a safe place. The fact that he said he had "a bit" stashed away, actually implied that he has a lot stashed away. That's why he smiled as they shook hands.

    I hope that explains it well enough for you, or that someone else can add to my interpretation.
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