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A Bit sweary

Discussion in 'Polski (Polish)' started by dyeruz, Aug 19, 2010.

  1. dyeruz New Member

    Just want to get an exact translation for this phrase - "Zjebana jak nigdy" and the context it is being used in..i.e A mental thing, or otherwise.

    *Can someone help please?
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2010
  2. dn88 Senior Member

    I suppose the most straightforward translation could be something along the lines of "fucked (up) as never before" ("fucked (up)" as in "wasted", and not necessarily because of alcohol/drugs but also mentally/physically, generally not feeling well). The male version of the expression would have to be "zjebany jak nigdy".

    Some examples:

    Man, you look fucked! Have you been drinking all night? - Stary, zjebanie wyglądasz! Piłeś przez całą noc?

    I'm feeling fucked up. - Zjebanie się czuję.

    That's my best shot right now. Maybe someone else can come up with a better translation.
  3. Old Raft Member

    As ever, it is impossible to give a faithful translation without the context. Is that meant literally or not? Physically or mentally? Negative or positive? It could mean "she's had a fuck of her life", but it could also mean "she's all wasted/messed up", and a few other things.
  4. BezierCurve Senior Member

    Nah, that would be "przejebana" or "wyjebana". Still, I agree with you that it is dubious here (meaning admonished, for example).

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