A bitch on the old resume

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I've been watching Desperate Housewives, Season 6, Episode 8, and come across this phrase.
(Scripts are taken from http://www.springfieldspringfield.c...p?tv-show=desperate-housewives&episode=s06e08)

The context is:
Linnette is working at a company and Terrence is her associate. The company opens a new branch in Florida and decides to send Terrence as the head of the branch. Terrence gratefully accepts the offer. But Linnette wants Terrence to stay at their current location, so she invites Terrence for a dinner to talk him out of taking the position. To convince Terrence how risky the position can be, Linnette cites a story of a former employee, Tim, who was sent to head a new office in Chicago and how he was put into a difficult position there.

Linnette: The Chicago branch was a little slow out of the gate. Corporate freaked - and made Tim the scapegoat.
Terrence: Where is he now?
L: He's in plastics or paper, depending on what you want your groceries in. He would've been fine if his wife hadn't left him. That led directly to the alcoholism, which probably had something to do with him threatening the president. Is that a bitch on the old resume.

At the end of Linnette's talk, there comes this phrase "Is that a bitch on the old resume." What does this mean? Something like "does this sound like an unpleasant old story?"

Thanks you :)
  • entangledbank

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    Several colloquial elements here. First, it's not a question, it's an exclamation, as we might say 'Was that a problem!' = 'What a problem that was!' It's not very common to use this order as an exclamation, but it is here. So now we have 'What a bitch that is on the old résumé!'

    Well, a 'bitch' is something like a nuisance, a problem, or a black mark - a bad thing to have on a CV (résumé), anyway.

    Finally, 'old' or 'the old' is rather hard to explain. It's a jokey addition that doesn't mean much. It sort of adds "you know the one we're talking about", but can be ignored.

    london calling

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    Linnette is saying that the fact that he threatened the President (and maybe his being an alcoholic too) looks really bad on his resume. A joke: it isn't the kind of thing you would write in your resume, onviously.;)
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