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Here's the thing: despite the fact that I see people cosplaying as Sailor Moon even today, the comics and videos went away very rapidly in 2004. Licenses lapsed, and Toei simply opted not to renew for several years. What this means is that an entire generation of anime fans pretty much couldn't get their Sailor Moon fix legitimately. It kinda blows my mind, especially when I look at eBay for Sailor Moon DVDs, which are all STILL out of print, and find that counterfeit DVD copies are pulling in more than $2000 per week for companies that are not Toei. But that's a bitch session for another column.

I found this sentence in a article telling how the cartoon Sailor Moon developed in a foreign market ,but I totally have no idea about what " a bitch session for another column" mean here.

If you need more context,you could jump to this page
the second paragraph above the forth picture

Thanks in advance!
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    A "bitch session" will be a session in which you bitch:
    verb informal make spitefully critical comments.​

    The writer is going to complain about this in another column.
    I hope I've answered your question. If I haven't, please explain what still puzzles you.
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