a black shadow like ink moving

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Monica P.

New Member
Hi, I found this sentence in Miranda Mellis' novel, None of this is Real, and I need to know someone else's opionion about the position of the terms in it. What seems strange to me is this final "moving", is it used as a noun or am I misunderstanding the whole sentence? I write the entire piece below. The context is the following: a woman is going mad, she feels sad most of the time, she only has few little things that make her happy, she tells:

"Occasionally some little thing would bring happiness, a coy green halter, a wagging tree, a muscular baby, a black shadow like ink moving".

There's the list. I can't understand if that "moving" refers to a shadow that moves like black ink or to each subject of the sentence (anyway, also that halter and that muscular baby sound strange to me).

Can you clarify this strange order and meaning, please?
thank you all

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