a blend/mix/mixture/combination of her parents


Those who know Bindi say she is a blend of both her parents, possessing her father's fearlessness and her mother's down-to-earth charm.

Is "blend" in the above interchangeable with "mix/mixture/combination?" Thanks.
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    I agree with kruthskins, I'd be least likely to use 'mixture' because it suggests two liquids in a blender. It's not the way we are intended to visualise Bindi.


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    I had thought of that too Aardvark01. I would likely say mix or combination. Blend also makes me think "blend of spices." Maybe I am making too much of a distinction since they all pretty much mean the same thing.


    Thanks, my helpful mentors.
    But the original uses "blend," and I took it for granted because the article is from an English magazine written by native speakers.


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    Most Australian's would say "a mixture of both of her parents".

    I thought this may be helpful as you seem to have an Australian topic in your sentence :D

    Actually, that's the one I'd be least likely to use! Oh, that's not true. I would definitely not use "mix", but would also be extremely unlikely to use "mixture".

    I like "a combination of both her parents" best.
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