a block at their end

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french belgium

I have been trying this number in Paris but cannot get through, can you tell me what am I doing wrong.

My friends from other parts of the world can get through to that number.

Would there be a block at their end.

Number is ....

What does mean a block at their end?
Is it a technical problem?

Thank you.

  • Matching Mole

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    England, English
    A "block" on calling, in telephony, usually refers to a technical means or intervention by which calls are prevented. In other words it is a setting somewhere in a telephone system or network that has been deliberately made to prevent calls. For example, a business's telephone exchange may have a block put on international calls to prevent employees making such calls as they can be expensive.

    Similarly, a block may be put on receiving calls, for example, from certain numbers or certain types of call (e.g. callers who withhold their numbers may be blocked, as these are often unsolicited sales calls).

    So it is not a "problem", it is a deliberate setting or control.

    George French

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    Block. Obstruction.

    It could be a fault or it could be blocked on purpose, because you are 'phoning from "nasty land" or, in other words, a form on censoring.


    Guessing... :D
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