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Hello everyone!

I was in a computer class today, and a classmate of mine had made a blog about math and physics, the purpose of the blog is to teach people math and physics, he named it, "A blog for complete guides for math and physics.".

I'm troubled by his choice of prepositions,
I think it should be ""A blog of complete guides to math and physics."

What do you think?
What are the right ones to use?

Thank you!
  • sandpiperlily

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    Neither your friend's sentence nor yours makes much sense to me. I think it's the phrase "complete guides" that's troubling to me. How can the blog have "complete guides"? If it's complete, then it's only one? Or is the idea that the blog itself is a complete guide to both subjects? Or that each post is a complete guide to whatever individual topic? All of these seem unlikely to me in the context of a blog.

    Some options:
    A complete math and physics blog.
    A guide to math and physics.
    A complete guide to math and physics.
    A blog on math and physics.


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    Since both math and physics are extensive fields, I find the term "complete guide" inappropriate. But in any case I'd say "complete guides to...."
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