a blossom of white heat

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Stephen Schmidt

Senior Member
The darkness had been suddenly pierced by a blossom
of white
heat and ripped by the sound of splintering thunder.
This text describes a moment at which a bomb goes off. It's from Eyes of the Virgin novel
by Monteleone.
What does "a blosson of white heat" mean here?
  • jmichaelm

    Senior Member
    English - US
    "Blossom" is a metaphor describing the expansion of the blast. The way a flower blossoms and expands, the light and heat from the bomb expands in the darkness.

    Sparky Malarky

    English - US
    This is a metaphor, comparing the explosion to a blossom. For a brief second, the exploding material probably looks like a flower, and like a flower it will gradually grow and change shape, and then disappear.
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