a blouse with panels down either side


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She was wearing a white blouse with diaphanous panels down either side through which Julian caught a glimpses of a lacy white bodice.

— "The Gobbler" by Adrian Edmondson

I've tried google image, but I'm still not sure the meaning of the "panels" here, and where exactly "down either side" is. And does the "lacy" bodice mean a lace-up bodice, or a bodice with "delicate fabric with an ornamental openwork design of threads (quotation from a dictionary)"?
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    Thank you! The picture is really helpful. :)

    But what does "down either side" mean? Does it mean one side of the two sides, or both sides?


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    In WR Dictionary entry for "either", the Collins Dictionary definition has the following note on usage:

    "Care should be taken to avoid ambiguity when using either to mean both or each, as in the following sentence: a ship could be moored on either side of the channel."

    In the OP there is no ambiguity, since the finished item of clothing is being described and it's plural: "panels". From the context it can only mean "both sides".
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