a blow to/ on head

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Dear life

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India- Bengali
Hello everyone :)
He received a blow to the head.
He received a blow on his head.

I wonder what preposition should follow 'blow'. I come across both 'to' & 'on'. Do they make any difference in meaning?
  • The Newt

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    "Blow to the head" is the usual expression in the US, but "blow on the head" would be fine. We generally wouldn't use "his," because we know whose head is involved.


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    Bringing this thread back to life :)

    In the case the blow is inflicted with a stone, how do you say it?

    In other words, is the following sentence correct? The head is the most vulnerable to stone-inflicted blows.



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    English - U.S.
    No, a blow is generally not used to describe something flying through the air, like a stone.
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