a blowing red face

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Buck Mulligan sat down to unlace his boots. An elderly man shot up near the spur of rock a blowing red face. He scrambled up by the stones, water glistening on his pate and on its garland of grey hair, water rilling over his chest and paunch and spilling jets out of his black sagging loincloth.

My question: which item of the following options does the "blow" in the above paragraph from Ulysses mean?

1) To breathe hard; pant.
2) To bloom.
3) Anything else.

Thanks a lot in advance!

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    Perhaps you should explain this is from James Joyce's Ulysses -- which means there is not going to be a simple answer!
    It is quoted correctly.
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    What do you think it means?

    Also: are you sure you've quoted this correctly? ~ there seems to be something missing.
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