a blubbering ball of protoplasm

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But if he gave in to it, if the cops finally returned tomorrow or the day after to find Annie dead in the guest-room and a blubbering ball of protoplasm in the downstairs bathroom, a blubbering ball of protoplasm who had once been a writer named Paul Sheldon, wouldn’t that be Annie’s victory?
Source: Misery by Stephen King

I guess a blubbering ball of protoplasm means a dead body, right? What does a blubbering ball mean?

blubber: noun excessive human fat.

Thank you.
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    Stephen King is famous for using "hard to understand" phrases instead of normal English.

    No, "a blubbering ball of protoplasm" means a person (Paul Sheldon), curled up into a ball and blubbering (crying uncontrollably).

    Here someone is imagining a situation where Annie is dead and Paul is grieving.
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