a blue bag in another

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This is a part of a story called "Prelude" by "Katherine Mansfield", but I don't get the meaning of the bold phrase!

"Nothing was left in it but a lump of gritty yellow soap in one corner of the kitchen window sill and a piece of flannel stained with a blue bag in another."

Do you have any suggestion?
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    it's a one... another pair, so 'in one corner' - 'in another corner'. Though the piece of flannel stained with a blue bag is beyond me. does it mean the blue bag had stained the flannel? or there was a piece of flannel AND a blue bag?


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    A blue bag was an old-fashioned addition to the laundry in the days befoe sophisticated detergents. In small quantities the blue agent would act like bleach (the 'blue whitener').
    Presumably in the quoted text the bag had been left too long in contact with the flannel and the blue colouring had stained the flannel.


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    Fascinating website Bevj! And in a couple of places on the site it says flannel was used to hold the cube or bag of 'blue'.
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