a blue-white shirt

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Red-orange means of orange tinged with red. I guess it's possible to define some colours or shades as yellow-brown, blue-green, or green-yellow.
But can an object be red-blue or red-green? For example, can a blue and white striped shirt be a blue-white shirt?
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    There are other threads about how we combine words to describe colours.
    For example, rather than red-orange I would talk about reddy orange. Similarly, yellowy brown, bluey gree, or greeny yellow.
    I might use the suffix -ish rather than -y.
    A blue and white striped shirt could be a blue and white shirt.
    A blue-white shirt suggests a shirt of one colour, that colour being a bluey white, or bluish white.


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    Here's a previous thread on 'compound colours'.
    Like Panjo, I would interpret a blue-white shirt as one that was basically white, but a white that was faintly tinged with blue.
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