a boarding school right out of Joyce´s APortrait

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Puellam audiam

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Hello, guys,
I have a question for you.
¨He skips from the accident back to his comfortable Catholic boyhood in Sydney, Australia(his father was a successful lawyer) and a frighteningly rigorous education at nearby St. Ignatius´ College, a Jesuit boarding school right out of James Joyce´s A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.

Can someone explain to me here ¨right out of¨ indicate what?
I mean does it mean Joyce´s novel ¨A Portrait¨ mentions about this school?
Or is there any other understanding?

Please help me!

Thanks a lot!:)
  • Lemminkäinen

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    Norwegian (bokmål)
    It means the the school he is referring to ("St. Ignatius' College") was very similar to / reminded him of a school described in that book (not that this particular school is mentioned, just that the school in the book could perhaps be mistaken for it).

    You could say "right out of" is short for "could be taken right out of", so:
    "[...]a Jesuit boarding school that could have been taken right out of Joyce's book".
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