a body 3 million miles (away from) the Sun.

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park sang joon

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In the nineteenth century, upon noticing discrepancies in the orbits of the planet Uranus and Neptune, astronomers speculated that another undiscovered planet might be affecting the two. It wasn't until 1930, though, that astronomer Clyed Tombaugh actually identified Pluto, a body 3 million miles away from the Sun.
[Source: Reading for Results Ninth Edition by Laraine Flemming]
I'd like to know in my example if I can omit "away", "from", or both.
  • JulianStuart

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    I wouldn't trust that book as a source for astronomy information (it's closer to 4 billion miles:eek: ).
    However, you can omit away but not from or away from. Try it and see how it sounds!
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