A body (heart) and soul doctor?


hi, i need to translate one idiom into English (from Slovak). i've found an idiom for what i need - "body and soul or heart and soul", which means faithfully, completely, entirely... this should be applied to a job - doctor. can I say that a doctor who does his job devotedly is "a body and soul doctor" ?
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    I would suggest
    " He is a born doctor" (as if born of/with such a quality or condition)
    "He is the/a consummate doctor" (Showing a high degree of skill and flair; complete or perfect. NB use of definite/indefinite article. The sets him as the prime example of the class of doctors; 'a' puts him somewhere in the class of great doctors.)


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    If you want to use that expression, you could write "He is a doctor, body and soul."

    However, there is a danger here. It comes from the fact that doctors treat bodies in their work. That makes the expression confusing when it is applied to doctors: it might mean that he treats patients' bodies and also tries to heal their souls. The alternatives suggested by PaulQ are better for that reason as well.
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