a body hitting pavement

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“I’ll take the bitch with the knife,” said Kate, driving the switchblade into the woman’s thigh(she shrieked), and August lunged, knocking the man with the gun back as hard as he could into the one behind him. The gun went off, then clattered to the tarmac as the two went down, a foot away from where the others grappled and swore, knife and bat forgotten. August heard the rumble of an approaching truck, the short, sharp burst of its horn, and grabbed Kate’s hand and ran. Shouts rang out after them, along with the sound of a body hitting pavement and muffled curses.

Source: This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab

What does "a body hitting pavement" mean here? Does it suggest someone falls to the ground? Who could it be?


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    There were a lot of people around as they ran away. Evidently someone was killed or at least knocked to the ground.
    The author has not made it clear who that is.
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