a body of water

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Japanese, English
When I was looking up "headland" in a dictionary,

I found a explination as follows;


n. A point of land, usually high and with a sheer drop, extending out into a body of water; a promontory.

And I found the meaning of "body",


n. A mass of matter that is distinct from other masses.

but I cannot understand the meaning of "a body of water"

  • liliput

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    U.K. English
    The definition makes sense: A lake or a sea is a mass of water - different from the land and air that surrounds it. Hence "a body of water".


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    United States, English
    A body of water would normally be:

    permanent: not a puddle
    natural: not a swimming pool
    relatively stationary: I would not include rivers.

    so: lake, sea, pond, ocean etc.
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