a bodyguard or minder

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But Stenwold’s eye was inevitably drawn to a pair present who were not Assemblers at all. One was a Beetle-kinden, but his Collegium-style robes were edged in the Empire’s black and gold. The other man was a Wasp-kinden, plain and simple, no doubt a bodyguard or minder.
"This gentleman, you may recall, is an ambassador from the Wasp Empire who came to our city during the Games."

(Dragonfly Falling; Adrian Tchaikovsky)

Would you be so kind as to tell me what might be the exact difference here?

Should a 'minder' here mean 'an aide or adviser employed by a public figure, esp to manage publicity' rather than a mere synonym for a 'bodyguard'?

  • Uncle Jack

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    A bodyguard is there purely to protect the person from external threats.

    "Minder" has several overlapping meanings. The one that comes to mind here is a person who restricts or reports on the person they are minding's movements or activities. This type of minder usually works for someone else.
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