a bombshell piece of information

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Does "a bombshell piece of information" mean "a piece of information that serves as a bombshell"?

Thanks in advance
The declassified “28 Pages” released by Congress Friday afternoon concerning 9/11, terror funding, and Saudi Arabia contains a bombshell piece of information: The World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY) is specifically named as having connections to terror funding and support for a number of worldwide terror groups.

-Breitbart News
  • Yes, news itself, and the repercussions, are metaphorically "explosive".:)

    This kind of hyper-exaggeration is used all time in the American media for less serious matters.

    For instance, a famous celebrity couple famous for their long-term togetherness and large happy family have suddenly announced that they are seeking a divorce.

    Each time more details are learned by reporters, TV announcers excitedly proclaim the most recent bit of news as "the latest bombshell.":)
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