a bona fide ghost knocks it right off again

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Robert Mallory, a teacher from a boarding school visits Florence Cathcart, a published author on supernatural hoaxes with the request to investigate the recent death of a student, and to determine if and how it is related to sightings of a ghost of a child. At first she refuses, since she doen't believe in ghosts. But the we see them both on their way, which mean she accepted. She reads an inscription of the school emblem "Semper veritas".
MALLORY: Latin gives a new school an air of respectability. Means they can add a pound to the fees.
CATHCART: And I should imagine a bona fide ghost knocks it right off again.
MALLORY: Latin puns. What fun.
CATHCART: "Always the truth."
The Awakening, movie

Does she mean "a real ghost removes the air of respectability from the school again"? If so, what does "again" mean here?
Thank you.
  • lingobingo

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    The Latin motto gives the school kudos and adds £1 to the fees.
    A real live ghost (so to speak!) does the opposite and knocks that pound right off again.

    Hercules Grytpype-Thynne

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    The bona fide ghost removes the added pound from the school's fees.


    Edited to add: from the WR dictionary:
    again 3. back to a condition, state, or place that existed before:
    She was better for a while but now she is sick again.
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